Wood Floor Designs: Variety of Types

If you are longing to install wood flooring in your house, it is essential to be aware of the varieties of designs available among the diverse types of wooden floors. All of the currently available wood floor designs are able to add exceptional elegance and unique style to your home in general. This kind of floors can't be compared with the others. This can explain the growing popularity of the product even in such once wild country as India. In this way if you decide to go shopping for wooden flooring, try to do your best to select that wood floor design that will spice up your home. Further you're welcome to take a look at some of the best varieties.

Solid Wood Floor - this kind of flooring contains a single wood plank that possesses the sides of tongue and groove designs. One can choose solid wood which can be both pre-finished and unfinished. The former flooring is sanded and finished at the job site, while the latter flooring is sanded at the factory. In India solid hardwood flooring is available in three basic designs or styles such as parquet flooring, strip flooring, and plank flooring. The Plank and Strip flooring are linear variations of flooring, even though the latter has a fixed width of one and a half, two, and two and one-fourth inches. And the Plant wood can have different widths ranging from three to eight inches. The structure of these wood floor designs makes the room more spacious. Parquet flooring reflects nice geometric designs created by joining a number of wood parts by gluing them together or in a mechanical way.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring - In India Engineered Hardwood Flooring is same as Laminate flooring, but in other countries there is a difference. The engineered flooring is actual hardwood one, while Laminate flooring is not real wooden planks. The pieces of the engineered wooden flooring are constructed by joining three- nine veneer layers of diverse species with the help of grains located at definite angles to one another. Such a construction makes this flooring more stable in comparison with its solid counterpart. It's prone to contracting and expanding in places with high humidity and heat. One of the benefits of this wood floor design is its variety.

Floating Wood Floor - As you can see from the name of this flooring, it remains floating being not adhered to the subfloor that is enveloped with a soft layer of thin padding that serves as a barrier to sound and moisture. It also offers the comfort of a cushion to your feet. The tongue and groove are then located on top of this sheath. They are further fastened with either adhesive or with the help of the click-lock system.

Acrylic-Impregnated Wooden Flooring - this wood floor design can be frequently seen on a shopping plaza or in a restaurant. The Acrylic-impregnated variety is really popular nowadays and can be used in both commercial and domestic surrounding. Here the acrylic sealant and color are infused into the wood's thickness that makes it very durable, strong, and resistant to such undesired things as moisture and scratches.

As you can see, wood flooring can truly provide your home with the unique and stylish appearance you have always dreamt of. But before choosing any wood floor design or type, it is important to pay attention to the difficulty of maintenance and check up whether the product you're considering is not prone to blemishes.

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