Do you Know the Level of Associate Degree Salary You can Get upon Graduation from a Business School? Some Interesting Facts for your Consideration

The challenges of present day business environment call for striking the correct balance between doing the work one loves and earning some money in the process. As it was rightly observed by one clever person, if a person does work solely out of the desire to earn money, without getting any fun from doing it is very unlikely that this individual is going to get any money, to say nothing about getting any fun, look That notion certainly has a lot to do with what happens in real world. On the other hand it's also critical to make a living. Getting an associate degree in specialization of your choice would be a reasonable and efficient first step to much improved salary, stable and satisfying professional career.

For instance, if you have opted for associate degree in business administration and have successfully graduated, even your entry-level salary can be expected to be rather substantial in comparison with what you were entitled before getting the degree.

At the same time the level of salaries you can count on considerably depends on the area of your business specialization and the level of degree that you manage to obtain. Below you will find some present day statistics of associate degree salary levels depending on the specialization and field you choose to pursue.

You have graduated with associate's degree in business administration. So what can you expect in terms of your salary?

Graduating from an associate degree program is in general good beginning for a career in many areas of business administration. The graduate is entitled for an entry-level employment positions with entry-level salary. The range of salaries differs between as low as $29,893 (Administrative Assistant) and as high as $41,850 (both for Executive Assistant and Retail Store Manager positions). In between those two positions you can count on $31,880 (Customer Service Representative) and a position of an Office Manager with $37,380 a year.

In order to get associates degree you will generally have to apply to one of two-year programs offered by technical institutes or community colleges. Besides the specialized degree raining those programs make available to their students general education in business. As you see, this kind of academic degree offers a determined person wide range of entry-level job positionĂ» that can be worked out with time into satisfying and lucrative careers, possibilities are plentiful!

Next level of professional training would be getting a bachelor's degree in business administration. How would it affect your salary?

Getting an associate degree entitles you for entry-level position and entry-level salary. Many persons are ambitious and demanding enough not to stop at this stage, they continue their progress toward better employment possibilities and better financial rewards. If you are lucky to become a proud graduate of a bachelor's program a new range of many rewarding careers in business administration becomes available to you. You should keep it in mind that actual hands-on experience increases the level of salaries, so before your get that experience you will have to be satisfied with somewhat lower payment.

So, the range here is between $36,454 for a job of an Executive Administrative Assistant and as high as $87,777 for a rewarding career of a Financial Controller. In between we find the following positions in ascending order: Senior Accountant ($51,272), Human Resources Manager ($61,526), Human Resources Director ($72,806), Project manager, in Construction ($76,908), Project Manager in Information Technologies ($78,446).

With obtainment of a bachelor's degree in business administration you have made considerable progress along the career path. But it is just the middle of the road. Are you planning to move on? Then gather your strength and energy for the leap to a much desired masters degree in business administration (MBA).

Master's degree in business administration opens new financial possibilities in front of you.

Getting an MBA is a major piece of investment into your own future, your successful and rewarding professional career. The cost of MBA tuition is constantly growing. It goes without saying that having done considerably financial investment into MBA degree graduation a persons expects it to pay back. That is why MBA salaries in the United States also are rising - as well as tuition costs. MBA graduates want a return on their substantial investment in their education, and it looks like they're getting it.

You have become a lucky MBA graduate and you can count on getting something between $ 73,125 for a position with Nonprofit/Government establishment and as high as $111,477 for careers in the field of Health Care.

In between we find the following positions in ascending order according to different fields of business and industry:

Products/Service - $ 94,558; Manufacturing - $ 98,417; High Tech - $ 98,621; Energy Utility - $100,263; Consulting - $101,736; Finance - $103,122

What is a business doctorate and in which way it differs from MBA?

The popularity of MBA degree has grown considerably during recent years, and this popularity is easy to explain. For instance, there is no denying that many successful chief executive officers hold the doctorate in business administration that is they have MBA degree. The institutions offering MBA degrees provide state-of-the-art standards of academic and professional training, offering the students all necessary knowledge and skills to get a competitive edge over the challenges of the modern business environment. By obtaining MBA degree a student can get ahead of the competition and land a high paying business or teaching job. At the same time one should not forget about two more traditional doctorate programs offered by many business schools. The differences between those two degrees are as follows:

The first traditional degree of business PhD program is a doctor of philosophy in organization and management. This is a highly rewarding degree that entitles its bearer to a lucrative position of, for instance, an associate professor at a business school with entry level salary of about $110,000 a year. In case of successful career one can expects handsome rise up to $150,000 a year. The training provided for the degree of a doctor of philosophy in organization and management concentrates on various aspects of the development of new theory in management, economics and related fields. As a rule a holder of doctorate in philosophy in organization and management becomes a member of the academic stuff at business schools and colleges, involved into conduct highly specialized scholarly research.

Another one of traditional degrees of business doctorate programs is a doctor of business administration, very often referred to as a DBA, so do not mix it with business PhD. The difference is that DBA concentrate more on actual application of a new theory or a theoretical approach. Because of better managerial skills DBA degree opens for you positions of a chief executive officer with entry level of salaries starting from $140,000. Depending on how successful you make your business establishment and on the experience that accumulates with time the earning potential grows without limits.

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